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Underdog Longoria Song Reaches Voters On Oscars Ballot

Songwriter Singer And Trumpet Star David Longoria Delivers Movie Theme Song “Now Or Never” In Consideration For Best Original Song On Oscar List

HOLLYWOOD, CA – January 2, 2018 – “Now Or Never” could have been written for the latest James Bond film, with it’s haunting melody and unique passionate vocals and trumpet hook performed by the songwriter, singer and trumpeter David Longoria. It’s powerful message of empowerment and can-do attitude reflects the movie’s theme of one ordinary man’s journey to fight the rhino poachers who killed his family,  and has made the Academy’s list of 70 original songs that have qualified in this year’s movie releases for “BEST ORIGINAL SONG”.

Set in South Africa, the struggle to overcome an overwhelming cartel of killing and marketing the rhino horns serves as the backdrop for the action film, written by and starring newcomer Tariku Bogale.

“We are so excited to find David Longoria’s compelling theme song gathering so much buzz around Hollywood this week,” Executive Producer for Bloodline: Now Or Never Robert King says, adding “The song has shined a spotlight on our movie that has been struggling for attention this year.”

And that spotlight was part of the design. According to Longoria, “I set out to make a song that told the story in a clever way that can pull in an audience who will want to see the movie from the catchy melodies and descriptive imagery of the lyrics.”

The music video for the song will be released this month and contains clips for the action movie.

The song has begun to gather momentum in dance clubs across the US with remixes hitting this month for the US Billboard Charts.

“Now Or Never already has people dancing and we have been hearing a lot of people trying to find the movie that has only been seen in limited release in December,” Longoria explains, adding “the infectious trumpet line sets it apart from everything else out there now, even though the EDM production has the DJs playing it out of the box.”

The climb in the music world is still leaving Longoria’s song in a bit of unknown obscurity as the movie has been so little known as the Oscars’ ballots come out. Despite a Hollywood publicist, there has been little talk of the movie in the crowded scene of late 2017 releases.

Many insiders are calling “Now Or Never” the “underdog of the Best Original Song category” this year. Without enough familiarity of the industry to the movie, the songs tend to not get noticed.

“It’s such a shame to have a great song that can easily be overlooked if the members don’t hear it in time”, King says.

But Longoria is ok with the situation. Having worked on many productions for nominations and winning Grammys and Latin Grammys songs, he knows the importance of the voters’ hearing the music.

“I have to think that if we get the song out and the public loves it, the industry can’t be too far behind,” Longoria reasons. “I have a lot of faith in our music community that they really want to know what’s on the cutting edge when we have something this important and with such a powerful message.”

In the category of Best Original Song, the front runners are the ones you would expect, coming from big names including Disney, Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas and The Greatest Showman. To have a song that has a current EDM approach and with an unusual trumpet feature, makes it stand out and seems to be gathering attention and fans.

“I will be performing the song this month on tv and in concerts in Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles, sharing the excitement of the movie and theme before the rest of the public will be able to enjoy the movie,” Longoria says.

Along with Longoria’s vocals and trumpeting, the song features dance pop singer April Diamond, whose current dance single enters the US Billboard Dance Chart at #47 this week.

“I am so excited to perform Now Or Never with David and to enjoy all the amazing feedback we keep getting from audiences about the song,” Diamond says, adding “this is such a catchy and engaging song that every crowd has been enthused about it.”

Even with the tv and concert appearances, Longoria and Diamond will remain the “underdogs” in the race for the Oscars this month. If the music and movie industry members find the song before the ballots close, it can stand a fighting chance. Time will tell if a powerful song can catch the eyes and ears of the members even before the movie gathers national attention.

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