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Edmonton Business Broker, Sunbelt Canada, Announces the Appointment of New CEO, Ish Uttam

Edmonton Business Broker
Sunbelt Business Brokers, the largest Canadian business broker, announced today that Ish Uttam was selected as Chief Executive Officer for the Edmonton, Alberta office. Uttam has more than 20 years of industry leadership experience, including more than 10 years in structuring and financing transactions.

“Ish’s appointment and this transition are exciting milestones in a succession plan for the Edmonton Sunbelt Business Brokers office,” says Michael McCulloch, President of Sunbelt Edmonton office. “His people-focused leadership style, industry expertise, and market understanding will build the company and achieve commitment. Ish is focused on the future and helping the company achieve its long-term strategic goals in Edmonton.”

Sunbelt serves as a knowledgeable intermediary between sellers and buyers. Values are assessed, businesses are marketed and advertised for sale while maintaining confidentiality, and interested potential buyers are assisted by brokers throughout the entire sales transaction. Sunbelt offers both business sellers and buyers superior service, highly trained brokers, effective marketing programs, tested and proven methodology, and a large inventory of businesses for sale.

Uttam will be working directly with the president, CEO, and master franchiser of Sunbelt Business Brokers, Inc. In Canada, Greg Kells has personally trained every one of the company’s brokers at all 34 locations across the country. With more than 100 staff across the country, Kells has been instrumental in making Sunbelt the place to go to successfully coordinate the buying and selling of small to mid-sized businesses.

Although Sunbelt – founded by Ed Pendarvis in Charleston, South Carolina in 1978 – has grown to become the world’s largest business brokerage operation, there was no presence north of the border until Mr. Kells started Sunbelt Canada in 2001.

“Nobody knew anything about Business Brokerage back then,” Kells said. “In fact, I had to educate the public and the clients about what is the role of a business broker.”

“I had a lot of experience helping people close transactions, and I figured, ‘What am I going to do?’ Uttam said. “One of my good friends, Chander Sharma (Sunbelt Calgary) said, ‘You are good at helping people, and you are good at structuring deals, so maybe business brokerage would be a good place to put those skills to work.’”

For the dedicated team at Sunbelt, the path to informing buyers and sellers about business has been a rewarding one. With over 30 locations across Canada, and the greatest number of certified professional brokers, Sunbelt has the largest market exposure in the country. With sales ranging from $250,000 to $20 million, Sunbelt caters to businesses within a particular size range.

“In 20 million and under transactions, we do the best job in the country by far,” said Uttam, who works with professional teams of accountants, lawyers, bankers, business coaches, consultants, wealth planners, insurance experts, venture and entrepreneurial sources, and others to ensure businesses receive the correct valuation and the right deal structure.

“Selling a business can be complex,” said Uttam. “You need to be a psychologist, a financial analyst, a great salesperson, and more. By the time we finish a transaction, not only did we deal with the financials, the valuation, funding the transaction, educating the buyer and the seller, but we’ve also had to deal with the sellers who have a tough time letting go. Many have a strong emotional attachment, and part of the issue is, ‘who am I, if I am not the president of this company?’”

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