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Babysitter Boot Camp®, the Business of Babysitting for Teens, Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Alpharetta, Georgia – Babysitter Boot Camp® is raising funds via a rewards / equity crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in order to create an online video course. The locally owned, independent training business has set out to raise $4,500 to create a video training program designed to train an entire generation of professional, safety-first babysitters.

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Babysitter Boot Camp® currently trains 100 to 200 teenagers a month at its training facility in Alpharetta. And according to founder Christine Neely, the company is more than ready to expand its reach by creating an online video course.


“We’ve scripted 16 videos and shot the first five,” says Neely. “But now our funds are running out, so we’re seeking generous donations to help us film the remaining 11 videos and develop a professional website to host the training portal.”


Neely and her husband Sean came up with the idea for the training facility when their own children were looking to start babysitting.


“We searched for a class that would teach our children the basics of business through babysitting,” explains Neely. “We found nothing, so we made one ourselves!”

The Babysitter Boot Camp® Course is designed for students aged 10-17. It teaches professionalism, etiquette, preparedness, safety, first aid, CPR, emergency response, business, responsibility, marketing, diapers, age appropriate games, certification, and how to create a fun environment. Students learn how to interview parents to determine the house rules regarding bedtimes, snacks, homework, friends, and TV and computer time, along with a host of other expectations.


The course focuses on safety skills, giving participants a tremendous edge over their babysitting competition. They learn how to deal with fussy children and how to minimize emergencies by putting safety first. They also learn how to deal with emergencies from nose bleeds, bee stings, cuts, burns and sprains to CPR, and how to use a defibrillator.

As Neely points out, the economy is not what it once was. More than ever, today’s young people are facing a future of uncertain employment. College and post-graduate degrees are no longer a guarantee of gainful employment, and children may well need entrepreneurial skills that simply aren’t taught in school.


“The world is a very uncertain place,” Neely adds. “Our Babysitting Boot Camp is designed to give parents peace of mind by training babysitters in the safety skills the job requires and the entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to thrive in an increasingly chaotic environment.”


About Babysitter Boot Camp:


Founders Christine and Sean Neely are both American Heart Association CPR/AED instructors. Both are responsible for training the instructors who conduct CPR/AED classes in local schools and communities. Christine has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years, and has experience in CPR, rehabilitation, pain management, sports medicine, and fitness, among other health-related topics.


The Babysitter Boot Camp team has already written the scripts for the training videos. They now need funding to help complete the video shoots, re-design the website so that the videos can be sold online, and finally re-make the videos in other languages, all of which is expected to be achieved within a few short months.


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And find out about rewards and incentives on the Kickstarter page at

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