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Start Standing Announces the Five Best Cities for Biking to Work

Detroit, MI-based health organization announced today that their new research has revealed which cities in the US are the best cities for biking to work.

By Aaron Karns

8 Jan, 2018 – DETROIT, MI – Locally based health organization announced today that their new research has revealed which cities in the US are the best cities for biking to work. Start Standing researchers have come to these conclusions by employing new and unique variables which include BikeScore (created by – evaluates infrastructure, terrain, and biking community), pedestrian traffic fatality rate and the percentage of working populations already biking to work. The top five cities in ascending order include: Washington, D.C., Denver, CO, Seattle, WA, Boston, MA, and the top city – Portland, OR

When asked about how he feels about Seattle Washington being one of the most bikeable cities in the US, Dongho Chang, SDOT City Traffic Engineer said, “It’s a great honor! We have made serious efforts to improve our streets for all modes of transportation – especially bike riders”. While talking about what makes Seattle such a bikeable city Dongho also stated, “Seattle has a goal of zero mortalities and serious injuries…We key in on making the environment for people who are walking and biking as comfortable and safe as possible.” Referring to how Seattle plans to make Seattle even more bikeable in the future Dongho said, “We’re using these incremental approaches to learn about particular corridors, how they work, and then take the next iteration and make it permanent and better for everyone.

“The City of Boston has been working diligently in recent years to make sure that Boston is bike-friendly, and this effort includes increasing access to bikes,” said Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Gina N. Fiandaca. “Over the next two years we will be expanding the number of Hubway bike share stations in Boston by at least 55%, installing 200 new bike racks, teaching thousands of additional Boston Public School students how to ride, and conducting approximately a dozen ‘Learn to Ride’ clinics for women in Boston’s neighborhoods.”

City of Boston Chief of Streets Chris Osgood said, “With a number of projects in the planning, design and construction stages, we are making our streets even better for those who want to ride. We are investing in changes to the street that will slow speeds in residential areas and increase protected bike lanes in key corridors across the city.”

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Start Standing was founded by Ryan Fiorenzi after having experienced debilitating back pain for years. After having talked to dozens of chiropractors, physical therapists and other experts his pain was gone and his mission became to help others by introducing them to the power of a movement-based lifestyle. Ryan assembled a team of passionate and knowledgeable health professionals to help him create step-by-step programs to that show people how to lead a more active lifestyle. Start Standing provides comprehensive product guides and consumer reviews to help people make better and more informed choices.

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