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Comprehensive, Online Resource for Warts and Treatments Now Available

When most people think of warts, they think of unsightly, painful, potentially embarrassing little bumps. Most people know they are contagious, but not dangerous. This sums up a superficial description of what is medically known as a raised, small benign tumor. Warts are caused by one of the various strains of human papillomaviruses (HPV), and records of their pesky existence date back over thousands of years. Despite how long warts have been posing a nuisance, few people know what they truly are and how to treat them.  To help inform the public, Easy Wart Removal has compiled all the information available for identifying, treating, and even preventing warts in the first place at one, accessible resource:

As a brief preview, warts can be categorized into five different categories: plantar warts, flat warts, periungual warts, genital warts, filiform warts, and common warts. Identifying if a wart is present and what kind it is will be the most helpful in treating it. For people affected by warts, however, one of the more bothersome tasks is trying to locate accurate and helpful information for wart removal and treatment. But instead of traipsing around the internet for information that may or may not be reliable, readers can now look to for an up to date database, and quick, easy access to numerous resources on treatment. provides extensive information to help readers figure out exactly what kind of wart they might have and the numerous treatment options available. The site reports on both at-home remedies and medical options. They discuss each researched option and summarize the advantages, while providing insight into which treatments might be the most beneficial for the type of warts. People affected by warts can click here for more information on the numerous options available for wart removal. regularly adds current information in the form of new articles that are published weekly, video flip-books, infographics, and even reviews on products that are commonly associated with warts. They explain who might be at risk for contracting a wart, which are mostly contagious, and provide preventative measures for people to avoid these uncomfortable growths. They give insight into when at-home methods are effective and when it is imperative to seek out a professional opinion.

Furthermore, Alpha Centauri’s is consistently updated to provide comprehensive information on everything wart related. With their resources, readers no longer have to parse through overwhelming and misleading online sources.

All information on causes and types of warts, treatment, and frequently asked questions can all be conveniently found at

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