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New Discovery Unearths Baldness Cure – Jared Gates Rebuild Hair Program reveals that Jared Gates’ The Rebuild Hair Program has primarily been structured to tackle the two steroids found in the body that are responsible for hair loss: 5-alpha-reductase or 5AR and Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT which is called an “Androgen Steroid Hormone” is found inside the body and is being produced from the metabolism of testosterone. 5AR or 5-alpha-reductase is an enzyme inside the body which is more or less the single cause of DHT production in the body.

Pullman, Washington – February 18, 2015 – A new and revolutionary alternative treatment for baldness and general rapid hair loss is to be release today. At the centre of this breakthrough research revelation is Jared Gates, a 57 year old man from St. Louis Missouri, creator of “The Rebuild Hair Program”. The release of The Rebuild Hair Program is set to reveal a simple but effective natural hair restoration method that eliminates two specific hair loss causing steroids – 5AR and DHT – produced inside the human body.

Jared Gates, creator of The Rebuild Hair Program introduces his 21-day revolutionary hair loss solution as a better alternative permanently to reversing the effects of both male and female rapid hair loss. In a much broader sense, as compared to the conventional medical alternative that often has to do with prescriptions drugs, hair supplements, creams, and expensive hair transplants, the rebuild hair program intends to offer a more straightforward, natural and inexpensive solution.

Dr. Blount, a medical expert, and research analyst for Jared Gates explains that, “… DHT is what’s normally responsible for the growth of prostate cells”. He further explains that research has got virtually all scientists to pin-point DHT as being the overwhelming cause of all hair loss. And as Dr. Blount bluntly states, “… well, it (DHT) gets into your hair follicles and basically kills them.”

“DHT clogs up the papilla – the part of the hair follicle responsible for growing new hair,” Jared Gates states that his treatment alternative counteracts the effects of the DHT clog with simple vitamins, minerals, vegetable and herbs that research has shown to naturally inhibit the body’s 5AR production and as such effectively eliminate DHT.

However, as Jared Gates reveals, a little of DHT is necessary but as a person ages, their body begins to transform more and more testosterone into the steroid DHT; a transformation that is not only responsible for rapidly accelerating hair loss, but also for weight loss, lower sex drive, constant fatigue, hormonal imbalance and an enlarged prostrate with a high cancerous probability.

The Rebuild Hair Program makes a leap for a permanent solution to rapid hair loss and as indicated by Jared Gates’ optimism, the release of the program ought to mark a giant leap for folks all and around the world previously stagnated with unbelief in a cure for their bald spots. For more details, visit Jared Gates Rebuild Hair Program here.

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