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Relentless Russell Westbrook shakes up NBA MVP race

So just how loaded is the MVP race in the NBA this season? Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook is having the kind of overall impact that puts him in the same sentence with Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan and LeBron James, all while leading the league in scoring and being tied for the league lead in steals.

The Cleveland Cavaliers forward made headlines recently when he shared his opinion that Westbrook should be the MVP, not only skipping over his qualified teammate and four-time MVP, LeBron James, in the process but also the Hardens, Currys, Chris Pauls and Anthony Davises of their world who are making this a race to remember.russell westbrook

But all those who assumed Love was merely blinded by his friendship with Westbrook and their UCLA connection may want to look a bit deeper at Westbrook’s candidacy: he may not wind up winning it, but he’s putting together one of the most impressive and unique MVP pushes in recent memory. At Westbrook’s current pace, he would become the fourth player in league history to average at least 27 points, eight assists and seven rebounds per game (he’s averaging 27.6 points, 8.6 assists and 7.2 rebounds per game).

It has been done eight times in all, with Robertson turning in six of those seasons and Jordan and James doing it once each. When it comes to this season’s MVP candidates, only Harden is close when it comes to being this kind of triple threat (he’s averaging 27.2 points, seven assists and 5.8 rebounds). The relentless Westbrook has kept the Thunder alive during this injury-ravaged season, not only overcoming a broken hand that took him out of 15 games early but leading Oklahoma City to a 19-13 record in games he played in without reigning MVP Kevin Durant (who is out for the season with a right foot injury). It has been remarkable stuff, but there is a snag or two when it comes to his case.


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